5 More Ways to Trade Nimbly in a Choppy Market

As we noted in our prior post, Trade Exchange is focused on enabling you to be nimbler and better informed in any market context. Here are 5 more ways Trade Exchange helps every investor with their trading decisions. Stay tuned for more!

  • Find the Right Experts for You: Every investor has different needs, so it’s impossible to imagine that investment experts can be “one size fits all.” At Trade Exchange, we provide you a marketplace of investment experts. You pick which experts to follow, the industry, the holding period, the number of trades per month and whether you want to trade stocks or ETFs (options coming soon!). You can follow multiple experts and switch at any time – find an expert in a sector that’s out of your wheelhouse and keep an eye on new strategies with Trade Exchange.
  • Stay in Control: One reason why you have a self-directed account is you want to remain in control. “Auto follow” strategies or “robo” products take you out of the driver’s seat. At Trade Exchange, you always have the final decision – you choose which ideas to follow, whether to adjust entry and exit prices, when to buy more and when to go on your own. Keep your hands on the steering wheel with Trade Exchange, but always be supported by expert navigators.
  • Keep Your Online Broker: It’s a hassle to open a new investment account…connecting your bank account, transferring assets, multiple tax statements. With Trade Exchange you don’t have to make any major changes. Just link your current online brokerage account in our app, follow experts and you’re ready to go. You’ll receive text alerts for every new idea and you choose which ones to trade – directly in your account at leading online brokerages. Seamless and hassle-free.
  • Find New Experts: In rapidly-changing markets, sometimes a different approach is needed. Industries become under- or over-valued and profitable strategies come and go. At Trade Exchange you have access to dozens of experts, each with their own specialty. Screen by industry, strategy and holding period. Check out their performance history and pick a new expert to follow. You determine when to unveil ideas and which to execute. You’ll always have the flexibility to make changes as the market changes.
  • Learn from the Pros: As a self-directed investor you don’t want to blindly follow the pros. Part of fun of investing on your own is learning new things – emerging trends, who the new leaders are, what constitutes a bargain and when to get out of a trade. At Trade Exchange you not only get ideas. You also get real-time easy-to-understand commentary from market experts that explain the “why’s” behind their ideas so you can learn as you go.

5 Ways to Trade Nimbly in a Choppy Market

The investing world is due for a change. Markets are constantly moving and it’s often difficult to explain why. No one has time to be glued to business cable TV all day. And there are many experts with their fingers on the market’s pulse, but your struggle to find them because pretenders claim great, but unprovable results. We all need investing ideas, but where should we turn and who should we trust?

At Trade Exchange we are focused on enabling you to be nimbler and better informed. Here are 5 ways we help you do it. Stay tuned for more!

  • Who to Trust: Our patented analytics tracks every idea for every expert on our platform. We then break them out further – the ideas you followed and those you didn’t. You can review performance by different time periods. No matter what, everyone is held accountable.
  • Get in Before It’s Too Late: How many times do you receive an idea to buy XYZ company at a specific price…but XYZ is already trading several dollars higher by the time you see the idea and log in to your brokerage account? With our Trade Exchange app there’s no more logging in to different sites and missing opportunities. Instead, you can receive text alerts with experts’ ideas in real time and immediately act in your linked brokerage account – all without leaving the Trade Exchange app.
  • When to Sell: You probably remember an example where you had a great trading idea that came and went. You bought at the right time, rode the company all the way up…and then back down again. At Trade Exchange we require experts to provide more than an entry target. We also make them provide exit target and a percent of portfolio allocation recommendations. You’re always buying a round-trip ticket with Trade Exchange.
  • Pay for Ideas Only When You Need Them: You may subscribe to an expert but you can’t always act. When you’re fully invested or lack the funds to invest more – there’s no need to pay for ideas at those times! With Per Idea Pricing, you can choose when to receive ideas – only when you’re ready to buy and never when you’re not.
  • Only Pay for Ideas That Work: Let’s face it, every idea you receive will not be profitable. But wouldn’t it be great if you only had to pay for winning ideas? Now you can with Trade Exchange! With Per Idea Plus, anytime an idea does not end up winning you receive a credit good for a future idea. At Trade Exchange we only win when you win.