Top Trades – Early April 2021

Top Trade Update - Early April

Our experts continued to book solid top trades during the first half of April. There are four new companies and two new experts in this list. Follow these experts and others on the Trade Exchange App. If you have not done so already, download it in the App Store or on Google Play

If you have not checked out the app recently, now’s a good time to take a look. We’re showing additional detail to give you a better sense of the trade prior to unveiling it. Also, read more about the experts you are following under “Following” or look for others by clicking on New Experts. Hit the Details button or the expert’s name to learn more about their approach and see all the closed trades they’ve provided on the Trade Exchange. 

VUZI: +51% in 10 days – Raspo’s Swing Trades

A new expert delivers April’s top trade on a familiar name. Josh Raspopovich: “Vuzix is an AR-smart glasses company riding tailwinds from Covid shutdowns. Their existing contracts with the Department of Defense, Verizon and leading healthcare organizations are just the beginning of the exponential growth that is starting to be realized. The company CEO believes their upcoming consumer product has the potential to replace/augment smartphone usage as we know it. ARK Invest began adding shares two weeks ago, and we are buying the dip before this start making new highs again soon.”

PLBY: +42% in 1 week – viditrade

A decades-old company delivers a lucrative return within a week. “Playboy, yes that one, has recently tripled up to $32. This week’s pullback is attacking my line in the sand at $24, which now allows one more upleg, approaching $38.50.”

OPTT: +23% in 2 days – Tom’s Stock Picks

One of our experts describes his thought process as he delivers and updates ideas for his followers. Tom Waller: “The company had an acquisition in early February (3Dent Technology) and also had a patent approved earlier this year. I was aiming to buy below $2.80 for a swing and set the entry price at $2.95 so the trade would be visible to customers for longer. The chart started to look weak two days later, so I provided an update to book profits around $3.30.”

BAC: +22% in 8 weeks – SmarTrend Premier Portfolio Trading Ideas

Some top trades emerge from mega-cap stocks. To identify their ideas, SmarTrend uses a library of 300 proprietary indicators, which yield buy and sell signals. When the timing is right, a sum total profits taken across short time periods can yield greater profits than a single trade over the longer term. Their algorithm generated a buy signal for Bank of America in mid-February and booked a nice profit two weeks ago.

LNDC: +17% in 4 days – Aspen Trading

This opportunity was uncovered through a combination of objective and subjective technical indicators. Dave Floyd, Aspen Trading: “Objectively, the 1-month rate of change crossed below -15%, which has historically represented strong mean-reversion opportunities. We also got a subjective indicator, a rounded ‘cup’ of support where support intersected with .618 Fibonacci retracement.”

MSTR: +16% in 3 weeks – Peak Analytics Technical Trade Alerts

Bitcoin volatility yields other opportunities to capture short-term profits across the crytocurrency ecosystem. Tim Walsh, Peak Analytics: “We see BTC/USD completing what appears to us to be  an “abc” downside correction and fully anticipate a short-term rally to commence as long as support holds at 50,358.09. We are playing this anticipated move up in BTC via shares of Microstrategy (MSTR). When things are good for BTC, things are typically great for MSTR.”

DISCLAIMER: While these ideas (dates, times and purchase/sale prices for entry and exits) have been documented within Trade Exchange’s system, these are examples of past performance and not an indicator or promise of future performance. Individuals who follow experts featured on the Trade Exchange assume all risks and take full responsibility for unveiling and following ideas, whether they execute trades in their linked brokerage account through the Trade Exchange app or in their brokerage accounts that are not linked via the Trade Exchange app. Trade Exchange strongly encourages everyone to review all the trades posted by a partner, as many lose money. All results –  including entry and exit prices – are available for review.

Trade Exchange Founder Series – Terry Donahue, Bull & Bear Trading

Terry Donahue has been one of the top performing experts on the Trade Exchange platform since its inception. His approach is “opportunistic,” combining elements of technical, fundamental and quantitative analysis. He labels this fusion of perspectives “rational analysis.” Terry believes the market has unrealistic expectations of what can normally be made on a trade and it will become increasingly difficult to pick winners. It’s always great to hear Terry’s thoughts on the market – check this interview out!

Trade Exchange Founder Series – Joey Zhou, SmarTrends

Trade Exchange Founder Series - Joey Zhou, SmarTrends

Dongping (Joey) Zhou of SmarTrend uses proprietary quantitative models to analyze pricing data in real time. While SmarTrend believes the stock market is efficient, they also feel it moves erratically due to investors’ emotions, yielding short-term buying opportunities. Hear how Joey and SmarTrend use proprietary algorithms that generate buy and sell signals, and how they can be used to break up a profitable trend into several, more profitable shorter-term trades. Their approach is perfectly suited for a platform like Trade Exchange!

Trade Exchange Founder Series – Rick Ackerman

Trade Exchange Founder Series - Rick Ackerman

In Rick Ackerman’s hyper-objective trading world, “fundamentals don’t exist.” While it’s a slight overstatement, this honest perspective is very refreshing, and it’s one of the reasons why he’s a consistent strong performer on the Trade Exchange. Every pick is based on the Rick’s technical interpretation of the stock chart, defining a “mechanical entry point” driven by a stock’s violent price action. Watch this interview and hear more about Rick’s approach and why he is able to consistently deliver profitable ideas, even in a bear market.

Trade Exchange Founder Series – Jeff Huge – Alpha Insights

Interview with Jeff Huge - Alpha Insights

We are proud to have professionals like Jeff Huge of Alpha Insights delivering stock tips on our platform. Jeff has over three decades’ worth of experience working on both the sell and buy side. He publishes a monthly 100-page research report for institutional clients and also manages money for his family office. Jeff’s disciplined approach focuses on price, analyzing a stock’s trading patterns, momentum and relatively strength. Hear Jeff’s views on recent stimulus packages and his take on cryptocurrencies.

Trade Exchange Founder Series – Tim Fortier

Trade Exchange Founder Series - Alpha Chartist Tim Fortier

Tim Fortier of Alpha Chartist talks about his experience and evolving approach to identifying ideas. He began his career finding “cup and handle” formations on printed stock charts received in the mail. The tools have evolved and Tim has added more to his arsenal, but this discipline remains. Tim focuses on fundamentals like risk management, the power of compounding and removing emotion from trading. Mike and Tim discuss a couple of example trades – the first being HEXO – a company in a strong sector with a strong earnings, revenue and EDITDA profile. They also discuss Sorrento Therapeutics, which emerged from two of Tim’s screens: a strong-performing sectors and high options volume.

Trade Exchange Founder Series – Barry Steinman

Trade Exchange Founder Interviews - Barry Steinman

Barry Steinman has delivered impressive results since joining the Trade Exchange, with over a 100% return (as of 2/18/2021). 91% of his ideas have been winners and his average winner has returned 63%. Learn about how his tracking of macro trends (new administration, Covid-19, China) and his experience with commodities and equities exchanges influence his stock picks. He reviews his thinking behind some of his picks (TIGR, SGBX, AG). And he sheds light on the value provided by Reddit communities and looks to the future.

Trade Exchange Founder Series – Michael Levin – We Trade Setups

Trade Exchange Founder Interviews - Mike Levin - We Trade Setups

Learn more about Mike Levin and We Trade Setups – how he captures short-term profits by combining technical and fundamental analysis. Mike finds stocks poised for rapid, highly profitable “movement in the middle” using classic setups in pricing charts. If you believe in this approach but lack the time or experience to do the analysis yourself, follow We Trade Setups on the Trade Exchange! Mike has had a 60% return and an 80% win rate across all of his picks since partnering with us.

Trade Exchange Founder Series – Serge Berger

Trade Exchange Founder Series - Serge Berger - the Steady Trader

Learn about Serge Berger’s approach, one of the experts who focus on big picture themes. As of late February 2021, 75% of Serge’s picks were winners and he was up over 40% across all of his ideas. Many of Serge’s picks were in household names like Bank of America, Chevron, Apple and Disney along with ETFs. Serge talks about how he uses ETFs as a way to make an initial move into a sector, then moving into individual names.

Trade Exchange Founder Series – Rod David

Trade Exchange Founder Series - Rod David

Rod David of viditrade joins us for this installment. Rod talks about how he combines his research with chart analysis to identify reliable, repeatable buying patters. He uses the analogy “surgical airstrike” to describe how he seeks to efficiently deploy investment capital on stocks poised to move. He reviews a couple of recent highly profitable ideas – TLRY and BB – that illustrate his approach.